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As California’s population continues to grow and there is an increased need for state services, the state must find ways to provide these services on a cost-effective and more efficient basis. Modeled after President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Grace Commission), the Senate Advisory Commission on Cost Control in State Government was created to demonstrate the value of cooperative private and public sector efforts to control the costs of and increase the efficiency of government.

The California State Senate established the commission through Senate Resolution 40 in 1984 to evaluate procedures, programs, and services, and make recommendations to reconcile them with current and anticipated revenues. As part of the evaluation, the commission looks for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, enhance administrative accountability and control, and apply modern improved program management techniques and systems to state operations.

The Cost Control Commission is the only State Senate authority that deals exclusively with promoting cost control and increased efficiency of state government. Senate Rules Committee appoints up to 27 members to the commission from among qualified citizens in the private and public sector.  Appointees are volunteers who serve at the pleasure of Rules Committee.

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